It all started with a family trip, VW bus and an espresso!

With his passport in hand, company founder, Ric Brecheisen traveled to Europe with his family in 1979. From this trip his love of coffee was passed to his family, and the plan to bring the highest quality coffees and teas back home began. The name Passport Coffee and Tea is a tribute to this coffee and tea pilgrimage which lead to the founding of our company in 1983.
The coffee community unites friends, workers and families from many different backgrounds. Our family run business offers fresh micro-roasted coffees from the best farms in the world, so everyone can experience decades of tradition and the highest quality in each and every cup. A number of coffee blends are a tribute to cities from which we have fond memories drinking coffee and meeting many people in the coffee community. As we traveled the world to find the best coffees it has to offer, we have put our own passport stamp on our favorites. More than 30 years later, we are still dedicated to bringing you the highest quality taste and tradition from around the world.