Guatemalan Coffee and the Effects of Volcano Fuego.

Update regarding Guatemala’s recent eruption of the Volcano Fuego:

Guatemalan coffee farms in the area of Antigua are located strategically between three main volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. The recent eruption of the Fuego volcano has, and will continue to have, an effect on the area around Antigua.

We have been updated that the worst affected departments were Escuintla, Alotenango, Chimaltenango and Acatenango. Finca Bella Vista in Antigua was largely spared, but about 20 percent of the Candelaria coffee plantation was damaged (our primary source of Guatamala Pulcal). Some employees and relatives who live in the area are still missing. The farms are continuing to take stock of their losses, and their needs. At this time, we still do not know the full effect of this disaster, but are waiting to learn more.

For a limited time we have approximately 90 lbs of Guatemala Pulcal left this year of this special coffee.

Pictured: David Brecheisen visiting the Candelaria coffee plantation in Guatemala.

Hacienda Carmona/ Pulcal History
El Pulcal is a farm direct coffee. Sourcing sustainable, high quality coffee is our highest priority. It is important that the land is being preserved and the work conditions are fair. After visiting the farm and cupping coffee throughout the Antigua region of Guatemala, this coffee stood out as one of the best. Hacienda Carmona, where Pulcal is grown, is loocated at the southern slopes of Vulcan de Agua, and is surrounded by three volcanoes. The combination of volcanic soil, natural shade, high altitude, and rainfall make a balanced and unique coffee.

The Zelaya family has run this farm for 4 generations. Maria Zelaya owns the farm and was a gracious host on our recent visit of the plantation. We toured her colonial style hacienda and saw the coffee being hand picked and dried on patios. We were able to buy an entire lot from the farmers directly. The lot we selected is cupped with the highest characteristics.


Luis Pedro Zelaya (pictured above) manages the coffee cultivation, harvesting, and processing. The coffee from this farm is Café Pulcal, which is processed and washed in a traditional manner, using spring water from the mountains.


Hacienda Camona, Antigua, Gautemala

Total Farm Area:

105 Hectares.


Main crop: December – April


Traditionally washed and milled on the farm


1,600 – 2,000 masl


Café Pulcal


GrainPro in hessian


Arabica Typica, Bourbon


milk chocolate, caramel, floral hints, balanced body with a clean aftertaste

Other Notes:

The ACPA program has core traceability and social responsibility.