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Passport Coffee & Tea

Kenya AA Nyeri

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Passport Coffee & Tea

Kenya AA Nyeri


The Kenya coffee is truly unique. The flavors are sweet and bright. This Kenya comes from the Nyeri region. The factory is  near an open-air market called Gakindu that sells livestock and produce. The Ruthaka Farmers’ Cooperative Society is approximately 600 members strong. They collectively harvests approximately 280 tons of coffee cherry per year. Coffees at the Ruarai factory uses fresh river water and the cherries are dried in the sun on raised beds. This process contributes to it's unique flavor.

Coffee trees in this area are located at the foot of Mt. Kenya. This area is rich with red volcanic soil. The coffee tress flower between February and March, and harvesting then occurs between October and December. Temperatures here range from around 55–77 F, and the area receives around 55 inches of rain each year.



Growing Altitude

1,700–1,800 masl

Arabica Variety

Arabica SL 34, ruiru 11, SL 28

Harvest Period


Milling Process

Washed and sun dried on raised beds




Apricot, peach


Juicy, bright

Roast level

Medium Roast

  • California Prop 65 ⚠ Warning
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