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Since 1983, we roast all our coffees to order and blend our own teas.

Passport Coffee & Tea

Breakfast Blend

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  •, coffee and tea

Passport Coffee & Tea

Breakfast Blend


Full Bodied Blend

This full bodied coffee is rich in flavor, smooth, and perfect for your morning brew! With notes of cocoa and a hint of honey makes this a perfect way to start your day.

Blend notes:  This blend has a large amount of Vienna Roast which is the first level of dark roast blended with a Colombian Supremo. The Vienna Roast deepens the body of the blend, and the Colombian adds a sweet finish.

Cupping notes: sweet, rich taste, syrupy bodied


Cocoa, honey and maple






All our imported coffee starts with the highest quality beans. We custom roast, blend and infuse our coffee by hand.

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