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Since 1983, we roast all our coffees to order and blend our own teas.

Passport Coffee & Tea

Caribbean Mango Black Tea

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Passport Coffee & Tea

Caribbean Mango Black Tea


Made with China black FOP, adding cactus blossom fruit, mango and tropical flavoring. Our Caribbean Mango tea is a customer favorite, combining the quality of our traditional black tea with a mango-forward flavor profile.

All our flavored teas are naturally gluten free, do not contain sugar, and are available in decaf.

For the complete tea brewing guide see our blog. HERE

Hot Brewing method: Start with 10 oz of fresh water. Use tea portions and brewing temperatures below.

  • Black Teas 
      • Amount - 1 teaspoon
      • Temperature- 200 - 212 F
      • Time - 3-5 min.                                

    Iced Tea

    Double the amount of tea using the chart above. After brewing hot tea, immediately pour over a glass of ice. Add more ice if needed.                       


    The best way to store tea is at room temperature in an airtight tea canister. Keep tea away from heat, light, air, and moisture.

    • California Prop 65 ⚠ Warning
    For more information about acrylamide and Proposition 65, please visit