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Since 1983, we roast all our coffees to order and blend our own teas.

Passport Coffee & Tea

Guatemala El Santo

  • Guatemala El Santo
  • Guatemala El Santo
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Passport Coffee & Tea

Guatemala El Santo


"El Santo" The Saint

This Guatemalan coffee "El Santo" comes from small-scale producers in the regions of El Cerrito and Los Verdes near Fraijanes. Its name comes from the "Juanes Friars"(Jesuit Friars) , who introduced the coffee plant to Guatemala over 200 years ago. This region is home to a variety of traditional varieties including Bourbon, Typica, Catuai and Pache Comun that are cultivated by many local farmers.

We’re honored to offer this small-batch limited offering. Grown at an altitude between 1,200 and 1,700 masl in volcanic soils comprised of fresh ash from the Pacaya Volcano, as well as silt and clay which produces high nutrients in the soil. This process retains sugar levels that create a delicate and complex cup.

This small cooperative in the Fraijanes region is near Guatemala City, but it faces many of the same challenges as more remote smallholder farmers in Guatemala. Coffees for Guatemala El Santo are collected from 50 farmers within two cooperatives, who grow traditional varieties such as Bourbon and Typica. The smallholders represent an average farm size of 5 hectares each. Café El Santo, or the Saint, presents a supply chain with impeccable traceability.

San Victor Wet Mill

Finca El Santo is nestled between Los Pinos Lagoon, Cerro Redondo Volcano and Lake Amatitlan in the town of los Verdes. This coffee farm is owned by the Molinas family since 1990. The wet mill provides direct feedback to producers upon receiving coffee cherries. This attention to quality coffee, is evident with the Guatemala El Santo.

Cup Characteristics

Cocoa, caramel, red fruits, cherry, lemon; citric acidity, clean and long aftertaste.



Growing Altitude

1,200–1,700 masl

Arabica Variety

Bourbon, Typica, Pache Comun, Tekisik

Harvest Period


Milling Process

Washed, patio dried




Cocoa, caramel, cherry nites




Well rounded, citrus

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