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Since 1983, we roast all our coffees to order and blend our own teas.

Passport Coffee & Tea

Passport Coffee Pods, K-cup compatible pack of 14

  • Passport Coffee Pods, K-cup compatible pack of 14
  • Passport Coffee Pods, K-cup compatible pack of 14

Passport Coffee & Tea

Passport Coffee Pods, K-cup compatible pack of 14


Looking for a sustainable and convenient way to enjoy freshly roasted coffee? Look no further than our company's new line of coffee pods, which are both K-cup compatible and 100% commercially compostable.

Our commitment to responsible sourcing practices means we import and roast only the highest quality coffees for these pods. Plus, our coffee pods are made of plant-based renewable materials and certified by the BPI for full biodegradability as well as compostability.

With a range of roast levels and flavor profiles to choose from, our coffee pods offer something for every taste. So brew up a cup today and savor the delicious taste of ethically-sourced coffee while helping to protect the planet.

Organic Guatemalan:



Growing Altitude

1,400–1,800 m.a.s.l.

Arabica Variety

Catuai, Bourbon, Pache, Catimor

Harvest Period


Milling Process

Fully washed


Cherry, lemon, strawberry, chocolate


Buttery, nice


Juicy, bright


Organic Tuscany:

Blend of

Organic Guatemalan, Organic Sumatra, Organic French Roast



Complex taste, hints of dark chocolate and caramel





Decaf Tuscany:

Decaffeinated Tuscany blend is an Italian influenced blend, full-bodied yet smooth makes this one of our most popular blends. Made with healthy portions of decaf South American beans and decaf dark-roast, this blend makes the perfect cup of decaf coffee.

All our imported coffee starts with the highest quality beans. We custom roast, blend and infuse our coffee by hand.


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